What do I need to rent a vehicle?

We only need a valid drivers license and a ID / Passport.

Your age does not matter! Same discounted rates for everyone!

You will have to pay the rental and the deposit upfront.

What are the payment options? Do I need to have a Credit Card to rent a vehicle?

We accept Cash, EFT and Credit Card (5% extra charged on card payments)

You do not need a credit card to rent from us! 

What does my rental cost include?

Price includes unlimited local mileage, maintenance, roadside assistance & insurance for one driver.

What does "unlimited local mileage" mean?

Local mileage means 150km distance from the Cape Town CBD. Should you wish to travel further, notify us in advance and for a nominal fee we can make arrangements accordingly. 

Basic Cars / Compact Cars - R2.50 extra per Km outside of the allowed 150km distance

Intermediate Cars - R3.50 extra per Km outside of the allowed 150km distance

Email us in advance for a quotation.

Is it possible to be collected from the airport?

Airport collection can be arranged for a nominal cost of R250. You will be collected from the Airport and brought to our offices in order to finalize the rental agreement.

(Free registered SIM (Nano/Micro/Standard) provided with each Airport Collection (normal value R199)

Can I have my vehicle delivered to me?

Vehicle can be delivered/collected anywhere in Cape Town.

Pricing is determined based on distance (from R200 – R500).

Feel free to email us for a quotation.

I was asked to pay a holding deposit, what does that mean?

We require a holding deposit of R1000 for future bookings.

This amount is deducted from the overall deposit once the vehicle is collected.

If you are unable to collect the vehicle on the day you originally booked it for, we will hold the vehicle and the deposit for the next 3 days.

If the vehicle is not collected within this 3 days, your deposit will be forfeited.

What are the different insurances packages on offer?

1) Standard Cover : In the event of an accident, you will lose the deposit amount and you are liable for 10% of the total damages.

2) Super Cover : Additional insurance available at an extra 10% of the rental price – No matter how big the accident you will only lose the deposit amount.

3) For Minor scratches and damages, your vehicle will be sent for assessment at a MotoRent approved panel shop, a quotation will then be submitted to you and deducted from the deposit + R500 admin fee.

4)MotoRent Insurance packages mentioned above only refers to damage to our vehicle and third party vehicles. Our insurance will not cover any personal items that has been stolen from the vehicle. Please ensure all valuables are removed from the vehicles at all times. 

How much fuel do I get with my Vehicle?

Your vehicle will be handed to you with ½ tank fuel and must be returned with the same amount of fuel. No discounts will be given on vehicles returned with more than ½ tank fuel. Should your vehicle be returned with less than ½ tank fuel, The Estimated fuel cost will be deducted from your deposit as well as a R100 admin fee.

My Girlfriend/Boyfriend will also be driving the car. Can I get additional insurance for him/her?

Yes, you can get Extra Driver insurance for an additional cost of R30 pd / R400 pm.

What extras are available with my vehicle rental?

We have the below extras available:

GPS Device – R30 pd / R500 pm

Infant Seat  - R30 pd / R400 pm

Baby Seat – R30 pd / R400 pm

Roof Racks – R30 pd / R400 pm

LIVE GPS Tracking – R150 pm (Link, username & password will be provided) (You are then able to see exactly where your vehicle is at anytime)

I don't like the branding on my vehicle. Can I remove it?

All vehicles are fitted with branding on the rear window. Branding is easy to remove and can be removed, you will be charged R200 for the removal and R100 per month penalty for not having branding on your vehicle.

Ooops, I got a speeding fine in my rental. How am I going to be charged for it?

You are responsible for traffic infringements while the car is in your possession.

You will be charged the fine amount + R150 admin fee per fine.

If you renew your rental contract for another month, the infringement + admin fee will be added to the new rental agreement and has to be paid before the start of your new contract.

If you return your vehicle at the end of the original contract, infringements + admin fee's will be deducted from your deposit.

If the Deposit has been refunded already, you will be notified about the infringements and are still responsible for payment thereof, We expect full payment within 7 days after the Infringement has been sent to you.

Payment will have to be made in full to MotoRent as all fines are to be processed by us only.

Please do keep in mind that all infringements are prepared and sent to us by the relevant authorities and can be for 1 of many reasons, including parking and speeding. Therefore, some infringements have pictures and some do not.

If you feel you are unfairly charged by the infringement then please feel free to contact the relevant authorities directly as soon as you receive the fine.

I would like to keep my vehicle for longer, What should I do?

Your vehicle is expected to be returned on the day that the contract expires. (During office hours).

Should you wish to extend your rental, contact us as soon as possible and we will check if it is still possible to extend. If it is possible, we will forward you the new rental agreement and you are expected to make payment before your original contract expires. 

Once a commitment is made from your side to extend and your old contract has already expired, you will be responsible for the new rental even if you decide to return before the expiry date of the new contract.

Should you fail to make payment for this new contract, we will have no choice but to deduct this amount from your original deposit held with us.

Who is responsible for cleaning the vehicle?

Your vehicle will be washed prior to delivery. You are then responsible for the cleaning of the vehicle for the duration of your rental period. Your vehicle is to be cleaned before returning it to us. Should your vehicle not be cleaned, a cost of R150 will be deducted from the Deposit.

What to do when I am involved with an accident?

In the event of an accident please contact us immediately. Call / Whatsapp - 081 8000 300 / 400


Ensure you:

1)Take pictures of our vehicle

2)Take pictures of the 3rd parties vehicle as well as license disk.

3)Take a picture of the Drivers License.

4)Take down all contact details of the 3rd party.

5)Complete accident report at closest police station to accident scene.

If it is a Major accident, we will arrange for a representative to assist at the accident scene and accompany you to the police station to complete an accident report.

For minor accidents or "fender bender's" you will still need to go to the closest police station within 24 hours to complete an accident report.

Failure to open a accident report within 24 hours will be sufficient grounds for our insurance to repudiate the claim, thus causing you to be responsible for the damage to our vehicle as well as the 3rd party vehicle.

DO NOT entertain any tow-truck's without our consent. If you choose to move the vehicle with your own tow-truck, you will be responsible for the cost thereof.

What if the accident was not my fault?

Damages to the vehicle while in your care is your responsibility.

We will try our utmost to recoup all monies lost from the person responsible for the damage.

However, please keep in mind that very few people on the road have insurance and many are unable to pay out of their own pockets. In this situation we are forced to claim from our insurance hence having to an excess resulting in the customer forfeiting their deposit.

We therefore recommend "Super Cover" insurance to limit your liability to only that of your deposit amount.

After the accident, the customer would be requested to pay a new deposit before a replacement vehicle is provided. This money would then be repaid to the customer if we have been paid by the 3rd party responsible for the damage.

What happens if the vehicle is damaged while driven by someone that is not listed on the rental contract?

Under no circumstances is anyone other than the registered driver allowed to drive the vehicle.

If you you need to add an additional driver you can do so and we will update the rental contract accordingly. 

We will not be held responsible for any damages to our vehicle or to any third party vehicles if the driver at the time of the accident was not listed on our rental agreement.

All damages in terms of the above will be redirected to the registered driver for his own account.

**We are unable to control who drives our vehicles once they have left our premises. In terms of the contract only registered drivers are allowed to drive and covered in terms of our policies. We therefore urge all customers to maintain control of the keys of the vehicle and forbid non-listed persons from driving our vehicles. The registered driver will be responsible for all damages and traffic infringements even if he was not aware that the vehicle was taken by a non-listed driver.**  

My tyre is damaged, what should I do?

All damaged tyres to be reported to MotoRent. 

Worn tyres will be replaced at our expense.

Torn, cut, damaged and punctured tyres will be replaced/fixed at your expense.

During what hours can I return my vehicle?

Vehicle to be returned during normal MotoRent office hours on your rental expiry date.

Monday – Friday (08:30 – 17:00)

Saturday (by special arrangement – between 09:00 – 13:00)

Sunday (by special arrangement – between 09:00 – 12:00)

We have 24 hour security on the premises, vehicles may be returned outside of the above office hours but deposit's will only be refunded once the vehicle is inspected the following day.